Why hasn’t any non-party minister been appointed yet?

Ministers no party member in Hochiminh period. No more now

(According to Dan Tri)

At the 10th Party Congress in 2006, there were three “hot” issues that were mentioned many times both inside and outside the forum about the No-Party Ministers:

-One is to affirm that the Party belongs to the entire Vietnamese people.

-The second is to bring into play the wisdom of the whole nation,

-and the third is to renovate the Party’s leadership method.

From the above three issues, a big question arises with regard to organizational work, which is whether or not to appoint virtuous and talented non-Party people to the position of state management leader, even to the Minister or member of the Government or the National Assembly.

During Ho Chi Minh period, many ministers that were not Party members were appointed.

And the answers that we got through a number of interviews with politicians and scientists was a question:

Why not?

Former Secretary of Hanoi, Former Standing Committee of the Secretariat, Member of the Politburo, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Pham The Duyet:

-The minister should not be considered a party member

It is time to respect talented and virtuous people, those who are devoted to the cause of the country, people who are trusted and loved by the people so that they can be promoted to high positions.

It should not be assumed that every minister or leader must be a party member. The case of Professor Ton That Bach, Historian Duong Trung Quoc are the clearest examples for this.

In order for our country to basically become a modern industrialized country by 2020, in addition to effectively mobilizing and using existing internal resources, there are two important forces that have not yet been mobilized and exploited fully, that is, the party members have not been able to do private business and have not been able to donate their resources – national resources – have not been used…

All talented people inside or outside the Party, inside or outside the country, are devoted to the cause of the construction and defense of the Fatherland is respected…

Finance Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung wishes to thoroughly liberate the country’s resources to create common strength, not only of the people in the country but also of overseas Vietnamese, not only of party members but also of the masses.

Former Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Nguyen Van Tran worried about buying and selling officials-corruption. He wondered that one day “the apparatus of people buying and selling officials will all be broken! Embezzlement, evil things also come from there. This is a system error. Let the talent pop out because talent doesn’t buy officials and sell them.”

Prof. Pham Tat Dong:

A rigid concept

So far, when appointing to positions, they must be based on two criteria: Virtue and Talent. If these two criteria are not met, the appointment cannot be made and the State does not promulgate any law which stipulates that only party members can be appointed to important positions.

In my opinion, the difference between people outside the Party and people inside the Party is that people in the Party voluntarily abide by the Party’s regulations and strive for communist ideals. Cadres and employees outside the Party are citizens, they are businessmen, scientists, teachers or doctors, soldiers in the army… They do not consider becoming a party member is a ultimate goal.

People inside and outside the Party have no difference in virtue and talent. In one thing, people inside the Party are better, but in other things, people outside the Party are better. In the current development stage, in important positions of the State, National Assembly, Front… should have both insiders and outsiders.

Deputy Chairman of the Office of the National Assembly Tran Quoc Thuan:

Overseas Vietnamese are also responsible

It is necessary to reform the organization of personnel, specifically, the title of a Minister is not necessarily a member of the Central Committee, or even a member of the Party.

“This is something we should have done a long time ago. Our Việt Nam communist Party and State should create conditions for virtuous and talented people, including Vietnamese living abroad who are dedicated to the country, to hold a number of responsibilities so that they can promote their talents to serve the Fatherland.

I would like to make it clear that we have not raised this issue until now. This is what Uncle Ho had did more than 60 years ago. And in the early days of independence, many overseas Vietnamese intellectuals who returned to the country were respected such as Tran Dai Nghia, Dang Van Ngu …” – Mr. Thuan said.

Academician Vu Tuyen Hoang: Those who have virtue and talent are assigned

Those who are virtuous and talented are assigned the responsibility.

This is an important condition for our Party and State to have a contingent of cadres whose majority are good, thereby successfully implementing many social policies.

However, in practice, although the recruitment of cadres is tight, there are still many shortcomings and shortcomings that are caused by the lack of inspection, supervision, lack of urging, and even some Party facilities cover up.

It was said that party is by the people, for the people, but why in the contingent of cadres trained, fostered and promoted by the Party, there are strangely corrupt people whose one meal is equal to a fortune of one’s family of normal citizen?

I agree with the idea that it is not necessary to be a party member or a member of the Central Committee to be promoted to important positions. Because it seems that for a long time, many people think that there is a distinction between people in the Party and people in the Communist Party outside the party, not being able to take advantage of really talented people.

Interior Minister Do Quang Trung:

Ministers do not have to be party members

It is not necessary to be a party member and this has been proposed for a long time but has not been done so far. The most difficult thing is to evaluate staff so that they are fair and objective on the basis of work.

People often avoid, do not dare to fight corruption.

In the end, they chose to vote, but those who were actively fighting for it got low votes.

Party building work that not really represent the reality is very dangerous.

General Director of Coal – Mineral Industry Group Doan Van Kien:

Should hold a ministerial recruitment exam

Regarding the organization of personnel, I kept wondering why we don’t immediately learn from our forefathers, which was to organize the entrance exam seriously, not only for civil servants but also for strategic leadership positions.

For example, the position of Ministers, why not let many talented and qualified people take the exam. On the contrary, we not only do not take the exam, but also rely on subjective and even imposed judgments of some people.

Reporter group of Dan Tri newspaper (implemented)

And now, year 2022, 16 years has passed since that news, no any thing change on NO-PARTY MINISTERS WAS APPOINTED.

After 1945, President Ho Chi Minh had appointed many No-party ministers, such as Education Minister Nguyen Van Huyen, Foreign Trade Minister Phan Anh, Hanoi Chairman Tran Duy Hung, Deputy State President Huynh Thuc Khang,,,.

No more now.

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