Two words of Thinh-prosperous, and Suy-weakness in Vietnam

From Japan…

Japan before the Meiji period (Meiji) 1868, was a period of decline. At that time, Japan was like the period of King Le and Trinh in Vietnam, King Le had no real power, Lord Trinh was not a king, but had the real right to rule the country.

In Japan before the Meiji too, the Tokugawa shogunate family ruled Japan for more than 200 years, the Japanese king just sat for tea drinking.

Towards the end of the Tokugawa period, Japan was in chaos, the economy was weak, the whole country was hungry, and civil war occurred.

In 1854, US Navy admiral Perry brought the US fleet of black ships into the port of Yokohama, demanding that Japan open up to the world, opening the domestic market to the world. Thanks to that pressure from the US military, the Japanese emperor regained the right to rule the country from the Shogun Tokugawa warlord family.

In 1868, the young Emperor Meiji ascended the throne of Japan, starting the Meiji period of Japan’s heyday, ending the period of weakness and turmoil under the Tokugawa period.

In 1889, Japan promulgated the first Constitution in Asia, establishing a parliament consisting of two houses, the upper house and the lower house, as the foundation for the comprehensive and prosperous development of Japan.

During the 44 years of Emperor Meiji’s rule (1868-1912), Japan had made great economic progress, and militarily won two wars: with China in 1894-1895, and with Russia. in 1905.

After Emperor Meiji passed away, Japan was overjoyed with its economic achievements and with those two victories, they patted themselves as the best in Asia, the best in the world.

Victory in two wars has made the military faction and authoritarian nature gradually prevail in the government. The Japanese people are increasingly losing the freedom and democracy that the Constitution of 1889 provides. The military government brought Japan to join the German-Italian side in the second world war. As a result, Japan was defeated, the country entered a period of decline.

The spirit of pride and complacency about the past two victories is now nothing, only the humiliation of losing the battle.

But fortunately, the US won the battle without colonizing Japan, not occupying Japan as in previous wars, but the US only forced Japan to make a truly democratic constitution. That constitution not only ensures the reoccurrence of the military and authoritarian state, but also guarantees the freedom and democracy for the Japanese people, so that Japan can develop firmly, to demonstrate to Asia and the world. The uncivilized world sees the progressive nature of a free and democratic state.

Thanks to the 1946 constitution, which was more advanced than the 1889 constitution, Japan entered the peak period after the second world war.

Up to now, Japan has become the world’s 3nd power in terms of economy. After the US, the per capita income is over 30,000 USD/year, standing above the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark… just behind the US and a few other countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Lucxambua…

20 years ago, under the leadership of Prime Minister Koizumi, Japan has overcome the recession, the growth rate is always between 2 and 3% per year.

That third position of Japan economy, in the near future, no other country can surpass it. Many Japanese people say very honestly: “We developed quickly because we lost the battle. We were humiliated to lose the battle, so we only knew how to stick our necks in economic development, humbly learn, and not suffer from the pride of the victors. The 1946 democratic constitution also ensured that we did not suffer from “self-made problems to overcome”.

…Looking back at Vietnam

Looking back at Vietnam, we also see that our country has gone through many ups and downs. During the Tran Dynasty, the three victories over the Yuan-Mongol army were illustrious (in 1227, 1284, 1287).

But by the end of the Tran dynasty, the post-born Tran kings began to indulge in debauchery, like today Vietnam  party officials going to London, England at the end of 2021, eating London gilded beef.

The Tran dynasty began to weaken. Che Bong Nga of the Cham people led his army to destroy the Thang Long citadel three times as if it was empty, the Tran army only lost and ran away in shame.

It was only when General Tran Khat Chan managed to destroy Che Bong Nga, so he could restore the Tran dynasty, but was invaded by the Minh army.

During the Le Dynasty, such a glorious victory over the Ming army, under Le Thanh Tong with such a progressive Hong Duc law, the country developed so prosperously.

But only after Le Thanh Tong died 8 years, in the reign of King Le Uy Muc (1505-1509), the Le dynasty began to decline, so that in 1528, the country was usurped by the Mac dynasty, and then the Trinh-Nguyen crisis divided. King Les only sat down to drink tea only, no real power.

King Quang Trung restored the strength of the nation, reunified the country, no longer had the scene of Dang Trong-inside/Dang Ngoai-Outside, defeated the Qing-Thanh army.

But King Quang Trung’s early death made the Vietnam country decline again.

The Nguyen Dynasty replaced the Tay Son Dynasty, developed brilliantly at first, but was later colonized by the French, just because the country was too backward, refused to open its doors, did not listen to the reforms proposed by Nguyen Truong To.

Our country’s ups and downs show when the kings began to play, no taking care of the people, not respecting talented people, only using flatters, the country will enter a period of decline.

Our country is currently in a prosperous period, after winning two great wars. But not without the hidden seeds of decline. History has proven that prosperity and decline are only relative, if the state does not know how to use talented people to take care of the people.

Our growth rate is always higher than 7%/year because our GDP is too low, just a little money from abroad, or a little crude oil for export, also contributes to our growth. skyrocketed.

Vietnam’s GDP in 2021 is about 300 billion USD.

But Singapore, with just over 5 million people, an area only slightly larger than Hanoi city, and GDP in 2004 was 96 billion, more than twice our country, in 2021 it is 500 billion USD, nearly twice as much as Vietnam.

Japan, population 123 million, one and a half times our country, the area is only approximately our country, but Japan’s GDP in 2004 is over 5,000 billion, in 2021 it will be 5.5 trillion USD, over 15 times higher than our country.

History has shown that a good, democratic constitution, ensuring the unity of the country, without ethnic or religious divisions, will ensure the country’s prosperity and healthy development.

Japan’s 1946 constitution is an example.

Our country also had a constitution with details similar to the Japanese constitution, similar to the US Constitution, which is the 1946 constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, approved by the 1st National Assembly in 1946.

That 1946 Constitution boldly declared that Vietnamese people have the right to freedom of the press, freedom of publication, freedom of assembly, freedom to go abroad,,,.

That 1946 Constitution said that the government that lost confidence from people must resign, to be replaced by a new and better government.

Look at Russia invading Ukraine, if Vietnam is weak, it will one day be invaded again.

Don’t put yourself to sleep as “open lips, cold teeth, mountain to mountain, river to river”.

Only the 1946 Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam can bring our Vietnam out of the word of Suy-weakeness, and into the word Thinh-prosperous, in a sustainable and long-term way.///

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