Treatment without drugs: Lesson 4: The man with edema/dropsy due to liver and kidney failure has recovered

W.Minh Tuấn

A 61-year-old man with severe edema/dropsy due to liver and kidney failure presented to Dr. Bieler.

He was bedridden for 2 years because of severe swelling in his legs and abdomen. His belly was too big, too distended. His urine was as thick as molasses, dark in color, filled with pus, a thick fluid, and even fecal matter.

He has been bedridden for more than 2 years now, his mouth is always open, drooping, and saliva drips down from his mouth, not bothering to close his mouth, his eyes blankly staring into space.

His blood pressure was as high as 210/110. He was having difficulty breathing, mainly due to the pressure on his diaphragm from the fluid in his abdomen, which was swollen and ascites.

But when his family brought him to Dr. Bieler’s clinic, he proved to be a tough man, determined to get well.

That is mainly thanks to his daughter.

He is very lucky to have a very good daughter, she takes care of him 24/24 by doing the most loving and meticulous.

His eating history shows that he used to be a person who ate too much starch and desserts. He ate too many foods such as cakes, biscuits, sweet desserts, ice cream, and buttered breads, french fries potato, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes,,,, at every meal except breakfast for many years, until he suffered from ascites in his legs and abdomen, and the pain was so bad that he couldn’t do anything, just bedridden.

First, Dr. Bieler used a needle to drain ascites from his abdomen, and each time the ascites drained, it came out about 5 gallons, or more than 2 liters, filling a trash can.

When the ascites was drained, the skin of his abdomen was so flabby that his intestines, liver, and spleen could be palpated. The liver is about the size of a large orange, hard and nodular, densely cirrhotic – orange-brown in color.

After that, Dr. Bieler advised his daughter to prepare food for him daily as follows:

– For the first few weeks, drink only diluted fruit juice.

After 3 weeks of this diet, his leg swelling had subsided, but ascites gradually accumulated again, so ascites continued to be drained for many more years.

His urine has become light in color, albumen is greatly reduced. Dirty cytoplasm/casts disappears.

After that, Dr. Bieler advised his daughter to gradually introduce him to balanced foods such as easily digestible meats, cooked and raw vegetables, salads, fruits.

But absolutely no starch, no potatoes, no bread, no cakes of any kind.

He was angry at first at this strict diet, but with his daughter’s resolute and gentle concern, he eventually accepted the strict diet.

After 6 months, he was almost free of edema, and could play with his grandson.

But his abdomen continued to swell as ascites re-accumulated, but gradually diminished, but still needed to be drained, once a month, for the first year.

Each time the fluid was drained like that, for the first few months, it filled up 5 gallons of the sink – about more than 2 liters . But at that time he began to do light jobs such as gardening, housework, cleaning, planting and pruning.

These jobs are like exercise for him.

By the second year, his drained ascites was reduced to once every 2 months.

By the third year, it was only every 3 months, and the amount of ascites was reduced to 1 or 2 gallons at a time.

After 4 years, he did not need to extract ascites anymore.

But an accident happened to him.

During the course of treating him with diet, Dr. Bieler was a little concerned about whether he had an umbilical hernia, because a very large amount of ascites remained in the abdomen for a long time. His abdominal wall is weak, it is easy to give birth to umbilical hernia, which is an infection in the navel area.

One day, with his spirit in active recovery, he excitedly lifted himself a very heavy rock in the garden.

2 days later, he had an umbilical hernia, a severe infection of the umbilicus, requiring immediate surgery.

He was taken to Dr. Bieler’s clinic, and Dr. Bieler operated on him, removing the infected navel area, but Dr. Bieler did not remove any of his intestines, nor did he remove his bowels, although the small intestine is dark green.

After this surgery, this man recovered quickly, lived a healthy life and worked hard.

20 years later, he saw Dr. Bieler again, looked healthy, his liver was back to normal size, and the stiffness was gone.

All thanks to dietary changes, no drugs at all.

If taking drugs, his liver and kidneys will be more seriously poisoned by the side-effects of the drugs, and his life will not be guaranteed.///

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