Treatment of diseases without drugs, lesson 5: Treatment of diarrhea

W.Minh Tuan

Some time ago, I had severe diarrhea.

I ate the raw oyster, because I thought it was like eating  susi-raw fish in Japan. I watched the movie “Mr.Bean’s Holiday”, in that movie saw Mr.Bean eating raw lobster, raw oyster, it seemed okay. In fact, Mr.Bean only ate 1 raw oyster, then dumped the remaining raw oysters into the handbag of a woman sitting nearby.

Anyhow, he ate a raw oyster, and it seemed fine.

So I thought maybe it would be fine if I just ate the raw oysters. In fact, I have sautéed raw oysters, half raw, half cooked, sautéed in olive oil for just under 1 minute, and feel assured that the bacteria have been killed off, and still retain their freshness and nutrition.

I ate about 5 half-raw, half-cooked oysters.

After about 2 hours, I started having diarrhea.

In the past, sometimes I still have diarrhea like that, only a few times it healed, never having to take medicine.

But this time it’s completely different. The first few bowel movements, there are still loose stools, faeces. But then when I went to the toilet for the 5th, 6th time, it started showing clear water, no stools at all.

In first night, I went out to the toilet about 12 times, only the clear water.

That night, I cook brown rice porridge, drink porridge soup, eat porridge, try to replenish water by drinking porridge soup mixed with salt, because I know that heavy diarrhea is dehydration, need to replenish water.

The next day, thanks to eating brown rice porridge, and drinking porridge soup, the bowel movements stopped, the water was lessen clear, the stools began to mixed with water, showing signs of recovery.

I was subjective, thinking that it was cured, so the next night, I ate normally, fried vegetables, fried meat, a little greasy.

That night, I had to go to toilet many times again, only to see clear water. The morning after that day, pooped up to 5 times, only clear water.

I’m really worried, because I can’t leave work, have to go to schools to teach Vietnamese language. On the morning of the third day, I went to a small hospital near my house to get medicine. The doctor gave me 3 drugs: a medicine for defecation, an antiseptic, and an anti-cholera drug.

That day, while going to work, I ate the porridge I brought, swallowed all three of those medicines, and sometimes went to the toilet to stool.

I went home that day, still in diarrhea a lot. But thankfully, the stomach doesn’t hurt, no pain at all. Maybe because I keep exercising regularly, my body has better resistance, but exercise is not enough to heal the diarrhea.

I wonder that I have taken enough medicine given by the doctor, 3 times a day, 3 drugs, why I still have diarrhea, no reduction.

I am most afraid of bactericide, this medicine is very bitter, I think when taken it into my stomach, it will kill all harmful bacteria, at the same time, it also kills all good bacteria, and maybe it will destroy the intestinal mucosa of my bowel.

I imagine that if I don’t get better, I will lose a lot of water in my body, then I will have to go to the emergency room, I will have to lie down, receive serum. Every day I have a habit of walking a few kilometers, exercising, but now I would have to lie down and receive serum, I will not die of illness, but die of lying in one place, because the blood is stagnant due to inactivity, no motion.

I think I have to cure myself of this evil diarrhea.

I think if you take medicine, but it doesn’t help, then you shouldn’t take it, because it has side effects, it will kill the good bacteria, and destroy the intestinal mucous membrane.

So I threw away the medicine, put it in the trash, and replaced it with a non-drug treatment. Before I put the medicine in the trash, I took pictures of the packs to put on this website.

No one has taught me how to treat diarrhea without medication. In Vietnam, it is common to use apricot leaves, guava leaves, but only for mild cases of diarrhea.

As for me, I have diarrhea nearly 20 times a day, for 3 days, indicating clear water, very severe diarrhea, possible cholera, possibly a perforated intestine, or it may come to a stroke because of dehydration.

But in Japan there are no feathery apricot leaves, guava leaves.

I had to come up with my own cure for diarrhea.

Firstly, I think that I must eat enough nutrition to have the strength to fight disease. So I cooked brown rice porridge like the day before, but added grinded lean, fat-free meat porridge, and ground greens, like bean sprouts, zucchini, carrots, lotus root, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and corn, cabbage, mushrooms, nila garlic leaves, onions, broccoli, spinach,,,,. About more than 10 kinds of vegetables, puree, put in brown rice porridge.

That way I will have enough nutrition to fight harmful bacteria in my stomach.

Second, I went out to the park near my house, picked a big handful of chomeleon leaves, a vegetable with a fishy smell like fish, which in Vietnam is considered a very effective medicine against inflammation, because the leaves of the diep ca leaves-chomeleo leave- have antibacterial agents.

All parts of la diep ca-chomeleo leaves contain essential oils. The compounds in this essential oil are mainly aldehydes and ketone derivatives such as methynol ketone, and 3-oxodocecanal has antibiotic-like effects that help fight bacteria.

The researchers, when isolated from the leaves of chomeleo leaves, also obtained healthy compounds such as beta sitosterol and flavonoids such as quercitrin, rutin, isoquercitrin…all of which have antibacterial properties.

I washed the la diep ca leaves, ate a handful raw, then pureed it, put it in porridge, and put it in vegetables.

You may think that when you have diarrhea, eating raw vegetables is probably not good. But I think washing the la diep ca leaves is safe.  And la diep ca leaves kill bacteria, so when eaten raw, it will kill all harmful bacteria, but not kill good bacteria, and not destroy the intestinal lining.

Third, I roasted brown rice, roasted it until golden brown, then put boiling water on that roasted rice, made it like a tea, added ground la diep ca leaves, and drank a lot of that ground rice water, mixed with salt, to replenish the water my for body.

On the morning of the fourth day, after eating and drinking like that, I still had went to toilet about 5 more times, only clear water.

I am a little worried, is whether brown rice porridge, and roasted rice water, and la diep ca leaves have any good effect. But I think if it doesn’t have a good effect, then there is no bad effect, no side effects, no damage to the intestinal lining too.

It is no harmful like medicine.

In the afternoon, I had a few more bowel movements, but the stools started to turn grayish green, and started to get a little loose, meaning there was stool, not just clear water.

I breathed a sigh of relief, that was the beginning of my recovery.

That evening, I only had 2 bowel movements, and the stools were more dense, less water, more stools.

Great. Feel the joy of life. I suddenly found myself singing a little song of Vietnam famous musicians Trinh Cong Son, Hoang Thi Tho,,,,

The next morning, the morning of the 5th, I had almost normal bowel movements, soft stools, no water.

Wow, I’m so happy, I sang even louder the songs “Uot Mi-wet eyelash” by Trinh Cong Son, “Ben Ha Ferry girl” by Hoang Thi Tho.

When I went to work, met Japanese students, everyone asked “Are you okay?”, it sounded really warm and friendly.

I told the story of having diarrhea, and self-medicating like above, the Japanese students laughed, and were surprised that I had cured without drugs, and recovered.

This is the first time I self-medicate my diarrhea without medication, with confidence thanks to more knowledge, thanks to reading books by Dr. Henry Bieler, books by Dr. Weston Price, books by sir Mackenzie,,,, .

These books promote healing without drugs, without side effects, very safe, in harmony with nature.

Healing diseases without medicine is bandai 万代万代-Long lasted for more than ten thousand years of generations.

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