Should take back the name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the name of the Labor Party of Vietnam

W.Minh Tuan

We all Vietnamese know that on September 2, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic-Republic of Vietnam, not the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The name of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam only started in 1976, when President Ho Chi Minh passed away, President Ho Chi Minh did not know about this name change. In his Will, President Ho Chi Minh also did not mention the name change of Viet Nam country.

And we Vietnamese also know that on February 3, 1930, the Indochinese communist party was established.

But perhaps most Vietnamese people do not know that on November 11, 1945, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Indochina issued a notice to voluntarily disband, with the following content:


1- Based on historical conditions, world situation and domestic situation, recognizing that now is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Vietnam to gain complete independence;

2- Considering that: in order to fulfill that great national liberation task, the unanimity of the entire people regardless of class or party is an essential condition;

3- To show that the Communist Party members are the pioneer soldiers of the nation, always making dedicated sacrifices for the liberation of the entire people, ready to put the national interests above the interests of the party, of the lass, and party is willing to sacrifice the party’s own interests for the common interests of the nation;

4- In order to clear up all misunderstandings at home and abroad that might hinder the country’s future for liberation,

The central executive committee

Indochinese Communist Party

meeting on November 11, 1945, the resolution voluntarily dissolved the Indochinese Communist Party.

Followers of communism who want to conduct the study of communism will join the “Society for the Study of Marxism in Indochina”

November 11, 1945


Contents of the notice on self-dissolution of the Indochinese communist party, I-W.Minh Tuan-retyped the full text from the book “Party Documents, 1945-1954, Volume 1, Internal circulation, History Research Committee of the Central Party Published, Hanoi-1978, Printed 6,000 copies at Tran Phu Printing Factory, Ho Chi Minh City, printing number 120/78, publication number 078-LSD, finished printing on 10-10- 1978, deposited on October 15, 1978“.

This is a document “Internal circulation” of the Vietnamese communist party, is this a national secret document?

Sure is not.

Because if it is a state secret document, it must be listed in the category of State Secret Documents. But “Documents circulated internally by the Communist Party of Vietnam” cannot be included in the list of state secret documents.

Therefore, I can safely type the full text of this Notice and post it on my website for readers near and far to learn according to the Party line.

Thus, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was established on September 2, 1945, just over 2 months later, on November 11, 1945, the Indochinese communist party issued a Notice of Voluntarily Dissolution of the communist Party of Indochina, to put the national interest above the interests of the party, of the working class and of the peasantry with hammer and sickle.

Six years later, in 1951, at the 2nd party congress, from February 11 to 19, 1951, the party congress decided to put the party into public activity, taking the name of the Vietnam Labor Party.

Since then, with the name of the Labor Party of Vietnam, and the name of the Democratic-Republic of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people have united around the party, made a victory with the French, and made a resounding victory at the battle Dien Bien Phu in 1954.

After that, although the party made serious mistakes in land reform, but then Ho Chi Minh bravely corrected his mistakes and admitted his shortcomings and mistakes, so the Vietnamese people united around the Labor Party again, and people of the Democratic-Republic of Vietnam  made resounding victory over the Americans in the Vietnam War, unified the country in 1975.

President Ho Chi Minh, when writing his Will, did not say anything about changing the name of the party or the country.

But in 1976, the party arbitrarily changed its name to Communist Party of Vietnam, and renamed the Democratic-Republic of Vietnam into the Socialist-Republic of Vietnam.

This is a violation of Ho Chi Minh’s thought, because Mr. Ho did not mention changing the name of the party or the country.

Now, 50 years have passed since Uncle Ho’s death, and more than 40 years have passed since the party renamed the country and changed the name of the party without Uncle Ho’s opinion, it is time for the party to courageously re-evaluate its behavior and their mistake, bravely retake the name of the Vietnam Labor Party, and regain the name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

There’s nothing wrong with correcting mistakes.

Uncle Ho once said in the letter “Letter to the People’s Committees of Ministries, Provinces, Districts and Villages” in October 1945, that:

“We are not afraid of mistakes, but once we have recognized them, we must try our best to correct them.”

The Communist Party of Vietnam everywhere sees a picture of Ho Chi Minh hanging, and then made Uncle Ho’s mausoleum for party members and people to visit, but if it doesn’t follow Ho Chi Minh’s thought, it’s not right.

Uncle Ho Chi Minh in the golden stream must not be happy.

My opinion about regaining the country’s name, regaining the name of the party, is probably still in the minority right now.

But in 2006, during a session of the National Assembly, Mr. Dao Duy Quat, deputy head of the Central Committee for Thought and Culture, once said that the majority was not always right when he talked about the Secretariat’s guidance on the campaign, consult for the Document of the 10th Party Congress, 2006.

The original opinion of Mr. Dao Duy Quat is as follows:

“For minority opinions, we must not be prejudiced, not hating, because in fact, there are opinions that are minority at this time, but through the test of reality, it has been confirmed to be correct.

The Party and State have repeatedly consulted the people to contribute to major documents of the country. For example, the four constitutions of 1946, 1959, 1980 and 1992 were all formulated with the opinions of the people. Most of the laws before being passed by the National Assembly are also organized to collect public comments. Or after the 6th Party Congress on Doi Moi in 1986, many resolutions of the 6th Party Conferences were raised for public opinion before the party decided.

It is time for us to periodically hold a certain time to exchange and re-discuss a certain issue to get an accurate scientific conclusion, because the majority is not always right”.

This is a really innovative idea, never made so openly before.

40 years ago, the 6th Party Congress in 1986 decided on the “Doi Moi” policy, thereby bringing our country out of the crisis, the economy grew, the people’s living standard improved, and Vietnam’s position in the international arena is increased.

What is the essence of 40 years of innovation?

It’s just “Untie”, cut off the rope tied on the neck of people and country.

The political system is still politically stable, but the economy has operated according to the market mechanism.

Before Doi Moi, our country had strictly followed Marxism-Leninism, which was nationalization, refromed and abolishing the private economy, only the state economy and cooperatives, implementing the central plan, implement agricultural cooperation, abolish the free market, prices are regulated according to the orders of the state, not according to the market….

As a result, the whole country is poor, living on rice books, stamps, beggared for foreign aid.

The 6th Congress in 1986 decided to renew, reform, renovate, the market economy was operated, the private economy was restored, prices were generally freed, bureaucratic central planning was abolished, farmers were free to owners, foreign investment is allowed, the stock market is established, state-owned companies are equitized…

As a result, the economy grew, people’s lives improved a step by step, and country own security was maintained.

In essence, the lesson of 40 years of DOI MOI is the lesson:

– Just “untie”, just cut off ropes.

Our country innovated in the context of the collapse of the socialist countries of Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union – the stronghold of socialism also collapsed.

The Việt Nam Party should also summarize why those socialist countries collapsed, and what their situation is like now after abandoning the Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

Because with the development of the Internet today and with the increasingly open and democratic, information about the outside world to Vietnamese people in the country is no longer as difficult as it was in the past.

Hungary, after giving up socialism, per capita income in 2005 reached over $8,270. Similarly, Poland $6,090, Bulgaria $2,740, Czech (Former Czechoslovakia) $9,150, Slovakia (Former Czechoslovakia) $6,480, Estonia $7,010, Lithuania $5,740…

In 2021, the per capita incomes of these countries are as follows: Hungary: $21,980, Poland: $22,260, Bulgaria: $15,777, Czechoslovakia: $51,360, Slovakia: $26,130, Estonia: $20,069, Lithuania: 21,410 USD.

Under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, with the name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the name of the Labor Party of Vietnam, the party led the Vietnamese people to victory in two heroic wars, won independence in 1954, and reunified the country in 1975.

In 1976, the party changed its name to Communist Party of Vietnam.

At that time, when Uncle Ho died, he did not know about this change of name of party.

Also in 1976, the name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, named by the first National Assembly in 1946, was changed to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Uncle Ho did not know about this name change too.

The Communist Party of Vietnam should have the courage to discuss the issue of renaming the party, changing the country’s name, to regain the name of the Vietnam Labor Party, and to regain the name of the Democratic and Republic of Vietnam.

Party should boldly decide to hold a referendum for the entire Party and people, on whether to return to the name of the Vietnam Labor Party and the name of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, using Ho Chi Minh’s ideology as the theoretical foundation for the Party to lead the development of the country in the new period after corona COVID19.

Mac-Lenin’s doctrine must be re-examined, the good part should be kept, the unsuitable part must be resolutely abandoned, putting the interests of the nation above the interests of the class and the party, as the announcement of the voluntary dissolution of the Indochinese communist party bravely said on November 11, 1945. ///

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