People’s Wisdom for Vietnam communist party’s members

For a long time, it has been said that “it is necessary to raise intellectual level for the ordinary people”, in order for the country to develop.

That is very true.

But perhaps the most urgent thing is to raise the people’s intellectual level for party members first, and then raise the people’s intellectual level for the ordinary people later.

Because the Party in our country Vietnam is the leading Party, the ruling Party. If the leader has a low level of leadership, it is very difficult to lead, people will not listen, and sometimes high ranking offcials also got mistakes to talk, because they are so stupid,  their intellectual level is limited.

In the past, when there was no Party, our ancestors used the system of examinations and recommendations to select talented people to appoint as mandarins, to lead the country. The first exam for mandarin training was in 1075, during the reign of King Ly Nhan Ton, the last exam in the North was in 1915, and in the Central region was in 1918.

Although the examination system in our ancestors’ time had many limitations, but in general, the people who passed the exam were smarter than other people, who were both capable of serving as mandarins, leading the country’s affairs, and also capable of poetry, writing, researching, writing books to leave behind for future life.

The officials who passed the exam such as Le Van Huu (1230-1322), Mac Dinh Chi (1280-1350), Chu Van An (year of birth unknown -1370), Nguyen Trai (1380-1442), Le Quy Don (1726) -1784), Nguyen Du (1765-1820), Phan Huy Chu (1782-1840)… are all people who are both talented and honest officials, and famous intellectuals, leaving behind many valuable works.

Compared to today’s Communist Party leadership, the leaders who are also famous intellectuals are not many, the works -books left for the future are mainly memoirs.

Some theoretical works have been written mainly about Marxism and Leninism, which are just additional comments, and talk about the application of that doctrine to our country, but do not have great ideological creativity.

The way to choose party members today also does not put much emphasis on the level of knowledge, or moral qualities, integrity and integrity, but first on the background and class composition. Then those characters are gentle, quiet.

Those who often struggle, or argue, or have their own opinions are unlikely to be admitted to the Party.

After becoming a party member, if selected as a leading cadre in the future, they will be sent to train in the Party schools, which mainly teach Marxist, Leninist and on the history of the Party. Even the training system at the National Academy of Public Administration to train managers also learned heavily about Marxism and Leninism, about “the socialist-oriented market economy”.

Both these Party and administrative school systems do not teach much about the social management knowledge of the world and the history of human civilization.

That is also right, because the teachers themselves are also few who have been trained at famous universities in the world. If someone is allowed to study in famous schools in the world, when they return, they will also be imbued with more about the history of the Party and Marxism-Leninism to have enough political qualities to stand on the podium.

That is why it can be said that the training system does not provide much valuable knowledge for Party members.

In our country Vietnam, people still tell jokes that there is a leader of a medium-sized position who knows the Party resolutions, Marxist and Leninist theories, but does not know who Nguyen Du is.

Or, some people, when giving a lecture on the Iraq war, say that it is a “one-shot” war, because they consider themselves knowledgeable, thinking that the letter “I”of Iraq is the Roman numeral 1.

Or there are party leaders who stand on the forum talking about politics, but the “l” and “n” are confused, like Ha Loi, Lam Dinh,,,.

Or something like: “I will reveal the shining truths of Marxism and Neninism to comrades”, is not uncommon nowadays.

Those party-leaders can’t lead anyone.

In order to improve the people’s intellectual level for the Party, it is necessary to first reform the teaching content at Party schools and at the National Academy of Public Administration.

At the same time, we have to learn the most modern knowledge that mankind is learning, we should study from  societies which are more civilized than us, more developed than us.

Teachers must be re-trained in advanced countries to learn from them and teach advanced knowledge of the world to Party members.

The Party must also open the door to admit talented and virtuous people to the Party, without being tied to outdated résumés, without having to go through the steps of introduction, then fostering, then challenging… as it is now.

In the world, political parties do not admit party members like the Party in our country Vietnam today.

In the past time when the Vietnam communist Party had not won the government, the Party did not admit party members as rigorously as it is today.

Anyone who agrees with the Party’s principles and purposes, and wants to become a Party member, can be admitted to the Party, without any strings attached, unless that person is being investigated for any crime.

Only then can the Party attract talented and virtuous people to the Party. As a result, the Party’s intellectual level has been fundamentally improved.

In 1921, Uncle Ho was in France, he joined the French Communist Party, even though he was a foreigner. So now, does the Party agree to admit foreigners, overseas Vietnamese who wish to join the Party to participate in building a rich, strong, fair and charitable Vietnam?

Imagine if more than half of the members of the Central Committee of the Party in our country had been trained at Harvard in the US, or LeedsBeckett University in England, or Charles de Gaulle in France, or Todai in Japan. … then the Party’s intellect would be much different than it is today.

Consider the great intellectuals in our country in the 20th century, like lawyer Phan Anh, like doctor Ton That Tung, major general-scientist Tran Dai Nghia, like agronomist Luong Dinh Cua… all studied at the universities in France, in Japan.

And if it’s even more precious, there are a few Politburo members who also studied abroad at some famous universities in the world. Then it is indeed a blessing for the Party and also a blessing for our people and our country Vietnam.

What’s so bad about learning civilization from countries more developed than you?

Most of the children of leaders from the central to local levels, the rich oeople of Vietnam are being sent by their parents to study in prestigious schools in the UK, France, USA, Sweden, Germany, Japan etc,,, .

Of course, the old leaders can’t go to school anymore.

Then appoint talented people who graduated abroad to leadership positions.

Of course, there is no such thing, there is no way that the leaders will give up their seats to talented people with foreign degrees.

Therefore, the “tofu brains” will still be leaders in our country for a more long time.///

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