How did the stupid doctors and hazardous practice of bloodletting kill the first president of America George Washington?

In the book tittles “The complete books of US President”,, author Bill Yenne, published by Zenth Press, 2016,  had wrote about the death of the president George Washington, the first President of United State of America as follow:

“In December 12, 1799, Washington became ill while inspecting his property during a sleet storm and died two days later at the age of 67. His actual cause of death is the subject of speculation, although bloodletting, then a common practice, is believed to have contributed greatly, because around half of his blood was drained during a short period of time.”

Actually, doctors in charge of the health of the president Washington did not initiated to take too much blood out of the president body, instead, the president Washington himself required this practice, for he misunderstood that this practice will help him recover from the cold.

But this an incident show that the White House’s doctors were quite negligence, irresponsible not to tell the president that letting too much blood coming out of body will be fatal danger.

Because even children can understand that if they are injured, and there is too much blood of them coming out, they will die.

But the White House’s doctors just followed the wish of president blindly, dare not to explain the true to the president.

Or even these doctors were too stupidly to believe that the more blood coming out, the more better it will be.

This hazardous bloodletting practice was initiated by Galen of Pergamon (129-216 AD), a Greek physician, surgeon and philosopher in the Roman Empire.

He had deduced that theory of Hippocrates that good health required a perfect balance of the four “humors”:-

blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

Then Galen of Pergamon arbitrarily thought that too much blood is not good for the health, that quantity of blood must be balanced with quantity of the 3 others.

Then he developed his own theory about bloodletting, drain blood out of body.

Galen of Pergamon’s writings and teachings made this hazardous bloodletting a common technique throughout the Roman empire, Europe, then expanded to India and the Arab world.

He borrowed the name of Hippocrates to expand his stupid theory.

For nearly 2000 years, no any doctors, physicians in the world were smart enough, or courageous enough to oppose this stupid, hazardous practice, they just blindly to follow this stupid practice, and perhaps there were a lot of physicians negligently to thought that this practice was initiated by Hippocrates, then they just followed this technique blindly.

For nearly 2000 years, this stupid practice had killed so many patients in the world, even president Washington of US.

Before the ill-fated president Washington, bloodletting also killed the heroic Robin Hood of England in 12th century. A nurse received injured Robinhood, and when she known that Robinhood had robbed her brother long time ago, she wanted to revenge him, and she just practiced bloodletting for Robinhood, let blood coming out freely to the end of Robinhood’s life.

It was very the same practice of the White House’s stupid doctors to let President Washington’s blood running out freely to the end of president’s life, not stop it before too late. During 16 hours, White House’s doctors let 5-7 pints of blood (about 3 liters) drained out of president Washington’s body. Any doctor must know that human being has about 5 liters blood in body only.

The blindness and stupid of these White House’s doctors were really a crime.

For more than 2000 years, the history recorded so many deaths of patients caused by bloodletting, but there was no any record about physicians/ doctors practiced this bloodletting on himself/herself.

That means physicians did bloodletting practice on another people only, but physicians did not believe in this practice, so they did not dare to practice bloodletting on their own body.

It is now very the same of vaccine, that companies which produced COVID19 vaccines, many staffs, workers of these companies do not get vaccination on their own body.

They only produced, and provided many billions of doses of vaccines for all the world, but they do not get vaccinated themselves, for they scare shit less of vaccines.

I believe that one day, vaccine will be proved that it is nonsense, or danger as the same of bloodletting technique.

Actually, there have been so many physicians, doctors around the world have their opinions opposing vaccine, saying that vaccines are harmful, no any effective at all.

More than 100 years ago, physician James Mackenzie of England wrote a book title “Disease of the heart”, published in the year 1910. Sir Mackenzie had cured tens of thousands of patients of heart disease, and recorded in details on this book.

About vaccine, Sir Mackenzie wrote:

In vaccine, or serum therapy, there is a promise of a specific remedy in each case to meet the special organism causing the mischief. But so far our efforts have been attended with little success. Horder states that of 39 cases treated in this way (vaccine) only 1 recovered, and unfortunately in this case no micro-organism was demonstrated in the blood.

Our body has natural immunization themselves, no need any medicine, drug, vaccine.

Our body has natural resistance. If the body is infected or sick, the body will produce its own resistance, immunity to fight germs, diseases, and heal itself.

But when we take drugs, or vaccines, and we were healed, cured, and we attributed that it’s thanks to drugs, vaccines. But it’s actually because of our natural resistance, not drugs, not vaccines at all.

Sir Mackenzie had made a sarcasm on this attribution as follow:

“This is like attributing the recovery of a famishing man who is restored by a plate of nourishing soup to the garlic which the soup is flavoured”.

This is like the Vietnamese fable that the horse pulls the cart, but the fly that sits on the horse’s back says that it is the fly that pulls the cart. !!!.

And this story of vaccine is as the same of masks. People think that masks can prevent corona, COVID19, buts actually, the natural immunization of our body is the real factor to prevent corona.

If masks can prevent corona, then please ask the committee for a Nobel prize in Sweden to award Nobel prize to masks. !!!

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was one of the founders of germ theory, and of vaccine. And he was one of the greatest physicians in the all of the human history.

But doctor Henry Bieler of America (1893-1975) on his book “Food is your best medicine” said that he opposes Paster.

If I were to ask you, “which men do you consider history’s greatest benefactors?”, your list no doubt would include the French chemist Louis Pasteur, the first to declare that disease is caused by germs, tiny organism, carried from person to person. But what if I were to tell you that I disagree with Pasteur’s germ theory?”

Doctor Bieler was very brave, courageously to oppose to Mr.Pasteur, and Bieler said that germs theory of Pasteur was wrong:

My own research (and much research done before my time) has shown that the germ theory of disease does not tell the whole story, and that pasteurization of milk destroys much of its nutritional value.”

Now, in the year 2022, looking at the manufacturing process of vaccine on the website of WHO-World Health Organization-we can see that all vaccine has 3 toxic ingredients such as: aluminum, mercury, and preservatives.

In food, basically preservatives are banned, but in vaccine are allowed.

Why? I don’t know.

People around the world should ask their governments about this question:

-Why preservative in foods are banned, but in vaccines are allowed?

A thimerosal, one of mercury component in vaccines was removed from childhood vaccines in the United States in 2001.

Certain vaccines have ineffectiveness, or even harmful, adverse outcomes after being used in mass vaccination programs:

In 1976 in the United States, a mass vaccination on a swine flu was discontinued after 362 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome among 45 million vaccinated people.

You may think that 362/45.000.000 are very small, can be accepted.

But no small at all.

Because CDC- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US estimated that the incidence of Guillain-Barré was 4 times higher in vaccinated people than in those who not receiving the swine flu vaccine.

How do you think about this 4 times dangers of vaccine?

Another example.

Dengvaxia vaccine was the only approved vaccine for Dengue fever, was found to increase the risk of hospitalization for Dengue fever by 1.58 times higher in vaccined children of 9 years or younger, than in those children who not get vaccined.

This harmfulness of Dengvaxia vaccine resulting in the suspension of a mass vaccination program in the Philippines in 2017.

I wonder why WHO does not collect data of how many people infected by COVID19 are vaccinated people? And how many are not vaccinated people? Just has this figure we can compare which one is better? Vaccine of not vaccine.

WHO has 70.000 staffs based around the world to collect disease and pandemic data, why they not collect this important data?

I believe that one day, Louis Pasteur’s theory on germs, and vaccine will be proved that it is wrong to safe human being from killing of wrong technique of vaccine, as the same of bloodletting.

And no any US president will be killed by vaccine, like president Washington was killed by bloodletting. ///

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