Hello Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of WHO: Stop wrong advices

Only outdoor exercise, eat balanced food, help each other can prevent corona

Hello, Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO-World Health Organization.

Perhaps you already known me, because I have emailed you several times to suggest solutions to prevent corona COVID19, but you never reply.

Now, November 2022, it has been 3 years since the corona pandemic broke out, and it has also been 3 years since you and your WHO- world health organization, delivered 6 tips to the world, to prevent the corona pandemic, but no use: wash hands, wear mask, vaccine, stay home, lock down, social distancing.

You may want to say that because of your WHO those 6 advices, it seems the corona COVID19 situation is getting more stable around the world.

Do you know that body of human being has very strong natural resistance power that don’t need any medicine, body can produce immunity to fight back any disease?

Do you know that all your WHO’s 6 advices have more harm than good?

Do you know that many people of vaccine companies don’t want to get vaccinated because they scare shitless of vaccines?

Do you know that masks putting on your mouth actually are center of corona COVID19, and full of harmful bacterial, with very bad smell?

Do you know that your advice that people should stay home only to make people more stress, more isolated, more weak, more unhealthier because they cannot go outdoor to exercise, to get sunlight, to get more healthy air? Then stay home only makes people more prone to get any disease and corona COVID19? Do you know that in Japan, 70% of corona cases are stay home people, no contact with any one?

Do you know that in my classes recently, very often my students skipped classes because of their unhealthy physically, because they wore masks all day for 3 years, since you advice people should wear masks 3 years ago?

Do you know that so many people understand that masks are harmful, but they dare not to drop masks, because they afraid of diatribe of other people?

Do you know that so many people know that masks are the main device to transfer COVID19 from people to people, transfer corona to anywhere, anytime, because people wear masks anywhere, anytime, but they dare not to take off their masks for being noticed by others.

Do you know that even you, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, you are the Director of WHO only, you are not director of the world, you are not Dictator of Global, you are not chairman of the Earth, you are not Presidents of the Universal, but actually in this COVID19 situation, you are the most powerful figure in the world, in the universal, in the earth, because no one dare to adverse your order of wearing masks, no one dare to appose your advice of social distancing, no one dare to distance from your opinion of vaccination.

Do you know that in the world now most of the leaders of the world, most of Prime Ministers, most of Presidents, most of Chairmans of countries in the world are coward, greedy for power, afraid of losing their seats, afraid of losing their positions, so they only blindly obey your order of wearing masks, getting vaccination, keep social distancing, keep lock down.

If your masks are effective, why corona COVID19 not die down?

If your vaccines work well, why does corona COVID19 still exist?

If your social distancing make sense, why does your 3 years of social distancing cannot stop corona?

If your washing hands can prevent corona, why corona keep develop to many new variants?

Do you know that wearing masks every day for 3 years have been destroying people’s health day bay day?

Do you know that vaccines are harmful that make people more susceptible to corona?

The corona pandemic is still evolving, with many different variations, such as variant delta, and now extremely dangerous omicron.

It has been 3 years that the whole world has followed your advices, washed hands, wore masks, did social distancing, get vaccinated, locked down, but only to see corona increase, and there are many new variants, the number of infected people increased, the number of deaths increased.

The vaccines have been injected 3 times already, but not enough, now it has to be injected a 4th shot.

Will there be a 5th, 6th vaccination?

Are you and vaccine companies making a joke?

2 years ago, after 1st shot of vaccine, leaders of vaccine companies went to the White House in US to explain that 2nd shot is booster shot, it will have effectiveness 10 times more than 1st shot.

If 1st shot has 6 months of effectiveness, then 2nd shot with 10 times effectiveness must have 6 years of effectiveness, no need any more vaccine within 6 years from 2021, means until 2027 year no need any more vaccine.

But no.

Now just 3 years, in November 2022, vaccines companies rolled out 4 shots already, and no stop at this phase.

This is the world’s weirdest, ridiculous vaccine ever.

The whole world that has been vaccinated seems has become a Guinea pig for vaccine companies, which have yet to prove the real effects of the vaccine, so now there is a fourth dose of the vaccine.

You, the Director of WHO, and your WHO, and also the vaccine companies, have no shame?

It is true that “The mouth of the rich has iron and steel”-a Vietnamese proverb, saying that powerful person speaks anything they want, without shame.

I would say that both of you-WHO, and the vaccine companies that make the vaccines has said shameless excuses, using sophism only.

Do you think the whole world is blind, deaf and dumb?

The whole world may had been blind, deaf, and dumb at the beginning of pandemic, in 2020, 2021, they had trusted you and WHO completely.

But now the tide has been gradually changing.

People slowly understand and realize that you and WHO are not much right, not much correct, you and Who may wrong, may get mistakes.

You and your WHO advise everyone to wear masks, but you also know very well that masks should only be worn for a short time, because it interferes with our airways, your breathing, inhaling.

And now people have been wearing masks for more 3 years already, but no any result at all.

Why don’t you WHO dare to bravely admit your mistakes, the obvious fact, that masks have no effect at all, because the whole world has been wearing masks for 3 years, but corona has not decreased.

Don’t you see this palpable truth clearly?

Moreover, always wearing a mask makes the mask a very dirty, very polluted object, becoming a reservoir of extremely toxic and dangerous germs.

Why do you advise the whole world to always wear a stinky, dirty, full of harmful germs in the mouth and nose like that?

Do you know that now, wherever you go, you can smell the stench, spoiled, stinky smell of masks? On the street, in the park, on the train, on the bus, in the elevator, in the restaurant, in the supermarket, everywhere can smell the stinky masks.

Can’t you smell it?

All those dirty masks are mobile corona centers, you put that dirty mask in your mouth, you destroy yourself, and you carry germs, corona everywhere you go, you yourself spread corona everywhere you went.

Do you want to find the cause of corona transmission and spread?

It’s right there in your nose and mouth.

Don’t you know this obvious truth?

You don’t know that the human race wearing masks for 3 years had been put in a very dangerous situation, they must to develop their own natural immune system to fight corona, and at the same time to fight against the dirty masks that they have wearing it in his own mouth and nose for 3 years.

Now human being has 2 battles to fight at the same time, that are the corona battle, and the dirty masks battle.

Not to mention that those useless vaccines may also make humans have one more enemy to fight.

Don’t you see that?

The whole world has been panicking to follow your ineffective advices, has social distancing, has washed hands, has worn masks, but corona does not decrease, so now people do not do social distancing anymore.

Now everywhere is crowded with people, on the train, on the bus, in the restaurant, in the park, in the cinema,,,.

There are crowds of people everywhere, because everyone can see the obvious fact that social distancing does not help reduce corona at all.

Everyone sees such a palpable truth, and you don’t see it?

Why don’t you have the courage to throw that useless social distancing advice in the trash?

Why did you have a very wrong advice, that humans must avoid meeting, avoid talking to each other, avoid contacting with each other?

If we avoid meeting each other, avoid talking to each other, avoid contacting with each other, then there is only one way for humans to go, that is the tomb.

And you also see that for the past 3 years, people have been avoiding each other, but corona has not decreased.

Then why don’t you throw away this advice of avoiding meeting, avoiding contact, avoiding talking to each other?

Why don’t you advise people to increase their meetings to help each other during this difficult time of corona?

If humans don’t meet each other, are they still called humans? Or are they just lonely, faltering, lifeless silhouettes?

Why don’t you advise people to eat a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, reduce time on the internet, reduce time sitting down indoors, reduce drinking softdrinks?

Why don’t you advice people to increase outdoor activity time, increase exercise, sports, increase meeting to talk, to reduce stress, increase helping each other in difficult times?

Hello, dear Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director of WHO,

your WHO-world health organization has up to 70,000 staff scattered around the world just to do a very useless job, is to gather information about the epidemic, and then when there is corona epidemic, giving false, ineffective advices about wearing masks, social distancing.

Your WHO organization consumes a lot of the world’s money donations to give wrong advices, harmful to world health, and does not have the courage to admit your mistakes.

Your WHO should reduce its staff to about 7,000, not 70,000 staffs.

3 years has passed without corona virus decreasing is enough to prove your advices and WHO’s completely ineffective.

Don’t you see that?

Do you know the story “The Naked King” by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen?

All the people in the world knew that the king was naked, wears no clothes, only that king did not know he was naked.

Are you as the same of that naked king?

And now, Ukraine gives you another interesting story, since Russian invaded Ukraine, Ukrainian focuses on fighting enemy, and no wear masks, and they are very strong, very healthy to fight Russian invades.

Ukraine is living a unmask healthy life to win over corona and Russian invaders.

Do you know that?

Or do you not know either, like the naked king?

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, please boldly declare to the world:

“Let’s go back to normal life,

-Let’s develop your own immune system naturally,

-Let’s change the way of life, more outdoor exercise,

-Let’s live a healthy life, eat well, eat balanced food, whole foods,

-Let’s more meeting each other, helping each other, more talking to each other, releasing stress,

-Let’s have more laughing so that the corona will panic and runs away, not the human being panic and run away.”

Wishing you good health, happy and always smile, and show up your smile, not cover your smile with dirty masks.

W.Minh Tuan-A Vietnamese living in Tokyo that you have known well.

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