Healing without drugs: Lesson 3: The woman with obesity, high blood pressure, insomnia, arthritis, and depression has healed

W.Minh Tuấn

This story happened about 70 years ago, in doctor Bieler clinic.

A 55 years-old woman visited doctor Bieler, she complained she was on extreme depression, she wants to suicide, and if not, she was soon live on a wheel chair.

She was overweight, heavy coffee drunk, about 20 cups of coffee a day, heavy smoked, ate much meat, starches, canned fruit, and sweets, chocolate, never exercise, never take walk, mostly sit down, rarely go out for outdoor activity.

Her heart was on palpitation, beets rapidly, irregularly. She was inability to sleep. Her blood pressure was 160/100, too high, her urine was extremely acid for too much meat intake. Her knees, ankles and feet were so swollen, feverish and painful that she said she could hardly get up and down street curb. Her hands, shoulders, and hips were was stiffness and pain.

-“I will soon live on wheelchair”-she said sadly.

Doctor Bieler convinced her to give up all smoking, all coffee, and meat. She was given calcium capsules as her only medicine.

Her food prescribed by doctor Bieler as follow:

-On arising, wake up in the morning: one cake of yeast dissolved in warm water.

-Breakfast: a vegetable soup of string beans, like green bean sprout, and zucchini.

-Mid- morning: 4 once of raw milk with quick heat.

-Lunch: cooked celery, more vegetables soup, one slide of bread, lettuce salad, without dressing.

-Mid-afternoon: fruits, or fruits juice diluted with water.

-Dinner: one package of frozen or ten once fresh cut green bean, lightly cooked including the liquid from the pan and a head of lettuce.

-Before retiring/going to bed, another yeast cake in water.

3 years later, her weight had gone down to normal, her blood pressure was 120/100, her depression had left completely.

She slept well, and able to work hard. Her pain and stiffness on hand, feet, hip, a phenomenon of arthritis was gone.

She said “Some time, I gave up of my good diet because I’d have yearning for sweets, meats. But strangely enough, it does not taste as good as before. So I return back to my diet. Now my whole body feels better, my skin has improved and everyone tells me how much better I look”.

Doctor Bieler said that in America, even with an abundance of good foods, but many American do not choose it, instead, they choose “breakfast slimes, angel food cake, doughnut, coffee, chocolate, white bread, sweeten cola drink, soft drink, chip potato, cereal, granola,,,.”

200 years ago, a French man name Constantin Volney, wen to England, observed the diet of famers in England, so unhealthy, too much meat, butter, cheese, starch. Mr Volney described the meals of England famers 200 years ago as follow:

In the morning at breakfast, they douse their stomachs with a quart of hot water impregnated with tea or so slightly with coffee. They could swallow almost without thinking hot bread half backed, toast soaked in butter, cheese of the fattest kind, slices of salt or hung beef, ham, etc, all of which is nearly insoluble.

At dinner, their sauces, even for roast beef, are melted butter or fat. Under the name of pie or pudding, their pastry is nothing but a greasy paste, never sufficiently baked”.

I wonder why in England always have so many pandemic, from the Black death in 14 century, to now, England always suffered most severe.

Is it because their unhealthy habit of diet?

Doctor Bieler commended that flourish industry of the day was making of false teeth, people need to carve their teeth with hickory woods, or silver, or gold, but primitive man had no need of store teeth.

Primitive man had a wonderful set of teeth that he could chew on himself, never had a cavity, even though he had never brushed his teeth. No tooth decay, no skin disease, no cancer, no diabetes, no heart attack.

It’s a brilliant achievement in protecting the health of primitive people, just by living in harmony with nature, eating and drinking natural food, no fried food, no canned food, no bottled food, no softdrink, no alcohol, beer, tobacco,,,.

Doctor Bieler says that “one of the most valuable human assets throughout history has been the body’s ability to heal itself.”

When modern medicine invented drugs, it was the self-destruction of our body’s ability to heal itself, and moreover, produced all kinds of side-effects of these drugs, making the body more toxic.

If we want to be healthy like primitive people, without disease, then let’s live in harmony with nature like primitive people.///

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