Healing diseases without drugs- Lesson 1: The danger of medicine

According to one statistic, in the US, every year, the mistakes of hospitals and doctors kill about 500,000 people, possibly more. Worldwide, more people have died unjustly because of the mistakes of hospitals and doctors.

The reason that the mistakes of doctors and hospitals cause so many deaths, is that all medicines have dangerous side effects to health. Many drugs have absolutely no therapeutic effect at all, are completely poisonous, and have been banned from production and sale.

Nearly 60 years ago, American doctor Henry G.Bieler, M.D, wrote the famous book: “Food is your best medicine“.

In this book, Dr. Bieler gives a number of examples he has witnessed of the dangers of a cure drug-the antibiotic penicillin.

People still think that the antibiotic penicillin is a panacea, curing all kinds of infections.

Then one day, a woman about 60 years old, seemingly healthy, with only a mild cold, cough, and mild headache, no fever, went to a hospital to get checked out. In fact, with colds, headaches, and mild fever, you don’t need a hospital, just rest, eat right, and after a few days the disease will heal on its own.

But she went to the hospital. The doctor at that hospital immediately injected her with penicillin. After the injection, the woman had an increased headache. The next day, another dose of penicillin was injected, and the woman developed an even worse headache. A few days later, the woman was permanently blind.

The reason for her blindness was as follows: inject penicillin causes overstimulation, the pituitary gland increases in size and pressed against delicate optic nerves. Thus pressure blindness, brought excessive swelling of the pituitary gland on by penicillin- a toxic drug. Penicillin is so toxic that it is ejected out by kidneys just a few seconds after it is injected.

If no penicillin, this women never got blindness.

Poor her.

Another case is a young couple, both in good physical condition, planned their marriage. Just before the wedding, the bride contacted a slight cold. Her doctor gave her injection of penicillin. An acute vaginitis followed-redness, swelling and pain which lasted for several years, but most hazardous for them is the precludes any sex life of girl.

Doctor Bieler said that the chief therapeutic value of penicillin are its abilities to whip the endocrine glands to a higher tempo. The adrenals are usually the first to react. If they are strong and able, shower of their secretion is let loose in the blood. The intense super-oxidation that results raises the resistance, so that fevers, pains and other disturbing complications magically disappear. Buts after each glandular whipping the energy of the adrenals is weakened, and if the therapy is continued, they finally become exhausted.

All drugs which are introduced into the body are likely to have bad as well good effects.

Doctor Bieler said “penicillin has no curative effects on the common cold”. Yet, untold millions of adults and children around the world have been injected with these useless shots of drugs while suffering from a cold.

The body then has 2 enemies to fight: the cold and the toxic drug.

The menace of adverse drugs reaction in damage to the liver, or eyes, or money, or blood system. There may be these damages which does not show up until years later. And finally many deaths every year may be directly due to sensitivity to penicillin.

It is not too much to say that when an individual takes a new drug, he may become an involuntary guinea pig for drug producers. ///

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