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Flagship Admiral Makarov of Russia

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Destroyed bridge in Crimea

Last month, September 2022, a key bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia was partially damaged in a blast for which Moscow blamed Ukraine.

Kyiv has denied its role in the attack that has attracted Russian retribution.

Russia has since carried out massive air and drone strikes across Ukraine, damaging more than one-third of its power infrastructure. On Friday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that about four million Ukrainians were left without power as a result of the attacks.

The attack on the Kerch Strait Bridge has highlighted that nowhere in Ukraine is Russia invulnerable.

Despite heavy security, innovative defences and dire warnings of retaliation if targeted, this symbol of Russian pride and engineering — at 19km (12 miles) the longest bridge in Europe — was severely damaged by what Russia said was a Ukrainian truck bomb.

A key bridge linking the Crimean peninsula with mainland Russia has been partially destroyed in a truck explosion, Russian media reported, putting at risk a key supply route for Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

The speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament, the Duma, called it “an act of war” as the country’s investigative committee said on Saturday it had “initiated a criminal case in connection with the incident on the Crimean bridge,” adding that “a truck was blown up”.

“According to preliminary information, this morning on the automobile part of the Crimean bridge from the side of the Taman Peninsula, a truck was blown up, which caused seven fuel tanks to ignite on a train heading towards the Crimea peninsula,” the committee said.

“As a result, two lanes partially collapsed.”

And now drone attack on flagships of Russia in Crimea, black sea.

The Russian navy has “repelled” a drone attack in the bay of Sevastopol, home to Moscow’s Black Sea Fleet in Moscow-annexed Crimea, according to a statement by a Russian-installed governor, as a battle rages for the control of southeastern Ukrainian cities Kherson and Bakhmut.

On October 29, 2022 Ukrainian forces carried out a drone attack on the Russian fleet stationed in the Russian occupied city, damaging the flagship Admiral Makarov, and Admiral Essen ship.

Makarov is name of Russian admiral Makarov (1849-1904). Makarov served in the Russo-Turkish war-1877-1878 as a captain, and ordered the first ever successful attack with a self propelled torpedo. He served again in the Russo-Japan war as vice-admiral and was assigned to the defense of Port Arthur, where he was hailed as a competent and aggressive commander.

On 13 April 1904 Makarov led his flotilla to the aid of a destroyer that had been ambushed by the Japanese. Makarov was killed in the subsequent battle when his flagship Petropavlovsk struck a naval mine and the ship’s magazine detonated. Japanese divers found Makarov’s body after the war and gave him a burial at sea, and as a mark of good will, Japanese officers led Makarov’s funeral in Port Arthur.

In 1946, after the Soviet invasion of South Sakhalin of Japan, the village of Shiritoru on that island was forcibly depopulated of its Japanese inhabitants and renamed Makarov in his honor.

And now, his name was put on this flagship: Admiral Makarov ship, and in October 2022, his named ship was sunk, or damaged heavily by Ukraine drone.

It seems his name is ill-fated.

The Ukrainian navy for months has been hunting the Russian navy frigate Admiral Makarov. It seems the Ukrainians finally got a shot at the 409-foot, missile-armed vessel in her home port of Sevastopol, in Russian-occupied Crimea.

The Ukrainian government on Saturday released dramatic videos apparently depicting a successful nighttime strike on Makarov or her sister ship Admiral Essen by at least one unmanned surface vessel.

Admiral Essen (1860-1915) was born in Russia, but was German origin. During the Russo-Japan war (1904-1905), he was a commander of the battleship Sevastopol at Port Arthur. After the battle of the Yellow Sea, Essen also commanded the land-based defences at the entrance to Port Arthur. On hearing of the surrender of Port Arthur to Japanese, he moved Sevastopol into deeper water and then scuttled, sunk her. He was sent as a prisoner of war to Japan, but was paroled after 2 months, thank to Japanese good will.

Both Admiral Makarov, and Admiral Essen was defeated in Russo-Japan war.

In the Tsushima Straits on 27–28 May 1905, 38 ships of Russia were destroyed by 4 ships of Japan, only 3 ships were escaped, Japan lost only some  small torpedo boats.

Now Russia name of defeated admirals to their ship seems were ill-fated ships.

The speedboat-size USV, possibly packing hundreds of pounds of explosives, dodged Russian helicopters and small boats and drove directly at the frigate, approaching to within a few feet before the video feed went dead.

There aren’t yet any photos or videos circulating online that can confirm whether the frigate suffered any damage. In the best case, her crew blew up the drone boat before the drone boat blew up them. In the worst case, Makarov or Essen suffered the kind of waterline damage that quickly can sink a ship. To say nothing of any fires that might have resulted from the blast.

The daring robotic raid is history repeating itself. Makarov became the flagship of the depleted Russian Black Sea Fleet in April 2022, after Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and shore-based missile crews worked together to sink the previous flagship, the 612-foot cruiser Moskva.

In 2022, Admiral Makarov—along with Admiral Essen ship-4,000 tons, took part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, targeting a Ukrainian oil refinery and fuel depots in the suburbs of Odesa with cruise missiles.

Following the 14 April 2022 sinking of the cruiser Moskva- 11,000 tons, Admiral Makarov-4,000 tons, was likely to assume the role of flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. Moskva was roughly 600 feet long,  armed with 16 anti-ship missiles and originally built to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers.

Even if Makarov remains afloat—and that’s a distinct possibility—the Ukrainians still can count the nighttime strike as a win. There are reports of other Black Sea Fleet ships suffering damage in the raid. And to avoid future USV attacks, the Russians either will have to devote significantly more resources to protecting Sevastopol, or pull the Black Sea Fleet’s three dozen or so surviving vessels out of Crimea.///

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