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Prefecture Secretary Le Huy Ngo, and the rescue of 5 prisoners in Tho Ngoc, Thanh Hoa

Bí thư, Bộ trưởng Lê Huy Ngọ

W.Minh Tuan

In 1989, a group of farmers from Thanh Hoa came to Dai Doan Ket newspaper and presented the incident in Tho Ngoc commune, Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province. At this time, Thanh Hoa province has just finished solving the case of Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Ha Trong Hoa, and the person assigned to replace him was Mr. Le Huy Ngo, former Secretary of the Phu Tho Provincial Party Committee. Continue reading

Journalist Thai Duy and Soldiers on death row

W.Minh Tuan

At Dai Doan Ket newspaper, there is journalist Thai Duy, one of the most prestigious journalists in the Vietnamese press. He is now retired. During the Vietnam War, he and many other journalists went to the South to work as a war correspondent, participating in battles with the communist army to get news to write articles, praising the feats of the liberation army. Journalist Thai Duy has the pseudonym Tran Dinh Van. Continue reading

The unjust case of Ms. Luu Thanh Chau’s family in Can Tho

W.Minh Tuan

In 1986, I was sent by the editorial board of Dai Doan Ket newspaper to work in Can Tho for about 3 months. I took the work permit, press card to the building name a number 1 Ly Thai To, next to the Hoan Kiem lake, to buy a plane ticket. This is the first time in my life that I have been on an airplane. Quite suspenseful. Continue reading

Commemorating General Pham Xuan Quac, the former head of the criminal police department C14

Minh Tuan

I knew General Pham Xuan Quac when he was a captain, Head of the Economic Police Department, Hai Hung Province Police, now Hai Duong Province. It was 1987, when I went to Hai Hung to do an investigative reporting on the case of Dong Tien commune, Chau Giang district (now this commune and district belongs to Hung Yen province). In Dong Tien, the head Party works as a landlord in the past, he can seize the land, and assets of some farmers he dislikes, and who oppose him will be suppressed unmercifully. Continue reading

Small memory of Comrade General Secretary Le Kha Phieu

*Minh Tuan.

During the National Assembly session in early 1997, one evening, Xuan Ba, a reporter from Tien Phong newspaper, invited me to a person’s house on Ly Nam De street, Hanoi. I asked whose house, he didn’t say, just smiled and said “go, go”. I know that Xuan Ba ​​usually doesn’t talk much about important things, so I also kept quiet and drove him away by my motorbike. Continue reading